05.10.2014 On July 14-18, at the Voronovo training centre of the Higher School of Economics, professional upgrade workshops were held for experienced hospital clowns by trainers from Israel and the Netherlands.

05.10.2014 On July 8-12, Hospital Clowns held the third international training workshop on hospital clowning for volunteers from Russian provinces and the CIS

05.10.2014 Hospital clowns from Rostov-on-Don visit the Ukrainian refugee camps in Novoshakhtinsk and Gukovo.

05.10.2014 Results of the Hospital Clowns’ visits to Ukrainian refugee camps in the Rostov region.

05.10.2014 On June 28, hospital clowns Aktimaldina and Tic-Tac took part in the third annual bike ride under the slogan Cancer is Curable, which was held at the Blokhin Medical Centre of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (aka the Kashirka Cancer Centre).

05.10.2014 On June 28, Musya and Flui of Hospital Clowns took part in the great Yes! Food! food festival in the Central Park on Krestovsky Island.

05.10.2014 Our work allowed us to see smiles! :)

05.10.2014 Hospital Clowns took part in the VII St Petersburg Medical Forum.

05.10.2014 On June 22, four clowns of the Hospital Clowns «emergency clown task force» visited the refugee camps for Ukrainians in the Berezovka sanatorium near the city of Voskresensk, Moscow region.

05.10.2014 Yekaterina Urakova and Polina Ulyanova, Hospital Clowns trainers, held seminars for volunteers in Nizhnekamsk.

05.10.2014 On May 18, a charitable Sing-along and Read-along performance was held for children and teenagers with cancer at the Lensovet Theatre, St Petersburg.

05.10.2014 Laughter is a cure for anyone.

05.10.2014 On June 1 and 2, Hospital Clowns visited the following medical centres:

05.10.2014 May all children be happy!

05.10.2014 On May 30, we participated in an event organized by the Rebirth Foundation in a Kitchen on Your Way restaurant.

05.10.2014 Konstantin Sedov conducted educational training sessions on hospital clowning in Kazakhstan.

05.10.2014 May all sick people get better!

05.10.2014 The hospital clowns are continually striving to improve in order to give children wonderful and interesting friends.

05.10.2014 Hurray! On May 9-11, Hospital Clowns made their first tour!

05.10.2014 Hospital Clowns visited Volodga Orphanage.

05.10.2014 From April 30 to May 2, Konstantin Sedov held two workshops on Hospital clowning for the participants of the Na puti k vershinam (Reaching new heights) psychological art festival.

05.10.2014 From April 18 to 21, Konstantin Sedov, artistic director of Hospital Clowns, was invited by the Ya s toboy (I’m with you) art school and the fund ‘Zhuldyzay’ to hold seminars for professional hospital clowns Meirajan (Soul’s Grace).

05.10.2014 The audition at the Hospital Clowning School was held on April 17 in Moscow with the assistance of the Meyerhold Centre.

05.10.2014 On April 12, International Cosmonaut’s Day, Hospital Clowns, together with a team from Mercedes Benz Bank Rus and Mercedes Benz Financial Services Rus, went to Fryazino to share their smiles with children.

05.10.2014 Dear Friends!

05.10.2014 April 4 was an interesting and noisy day at an endocrinological department of the Kazan Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital!

05.10.2014 On March 26, Hospital Clowns took part in the opening ceremony of the Family+ Centre for social and psychological help for pregnant women and children with HIV.

05.10.2014 On March 16-18, similar supervision and a seminar were held in Rostov-on-Don.

05.10.2014 We sincerely congratulate Deti BELA Charity Foundation on their third anniversary!

05.10.2014 On March 8-10, Ekaterina Urakova and Polina Uliyanova, teachers at the Hospital Clowns Independent Non-Profit Organization, held seminars for volunteers in Perm.

05.10.2014 On February 28 — March 2, hospital clowns of Kazan were supervised at the Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital.

05.10.2014 Vadim Larchenko, Hospital Clowns teacher, held a four-day workshop at the hospital clowning school in Tomsk.

05.10.2014 Konstantin Sedov, Hospital Clowns artistic director, shared his experience with a young team of hospital clowns in Odessa on February 20-23.

05.10.2014 February 15-18, Konstantin Sedov, Hospital Clowns artistic director, held educational seminars for volunteers in Kharkov, Ukraine.

05.10.2014 Keep smiling!

09.02.2014 Members of Hospital Clowns participated in the seminar "Developing Your Clown Character” using the Michael Chekhov system.

26.01.2014 We're growing! We now visit two more hospitals on a regular basis

19.01.2014 The premiere of "Voyage in a Bathyscaphe"

13.01.2014 How Hospital Clowns got ready for the year's most important holiday

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