About us

We are “Hospital Clowns” — an Independent Non-Profit Organization for Children experiencing challenging life situations.

Больничные клоуны

We support children getting hospital care in getting well. We help through clowning, art-therapy, and play therapy: we are not about the use of medications, but rather we focus on uplifting the emotional state.

Why hospital clowning is really important

Children infused with positive energy radiate vitality and have more interest in the world around them. They are less likely to experience the pain they are actually suffering. This is so fundamentally essential during recovery for those young patients to whom we have constantly given support and thus helped increase their motivation to fight their illness and improving their health generally.

The 25 years of experience in hospital clowning worldwide has proven its effectiveness in positively influencing the psycho-emotional condition of seriously ill young people. Hospital clowns work on a regular basis in Canada, France, Israel, the US and Brazil. The graduates of clowning schools in those countries successfully work together with the medical staff in the hospitals.

Hospital clowning in Russia

In Russia hospital clowning is approved and supported by the following medical entities:

  • In Moscow and Moscow area:
    • Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital,
    • N. Blokhin Russian Oncological Scientific Center,
    • Burdenko Neurosurgery Research Institute,
    • Rogachev Federal Scientific Clinical Center of Children’s Oncology, Hematology and Immunology,
    • Morozov Children’s City Clinical Hospital,
    • Speransky City Clinical Hospital,
    • Balashikha Regional Oncological Center;
  • In St. Petersburg:
    • R. Gorbacheva Institute of Children’s Hematology and Transplantology,
    • Children’s City Hospital N 31,
    • Children’s City Hospital N 1;
  • Children’s Russian Clinical Hospital in Kazan;
  • In Rostov-on Don:
    • Regional Clinical Hospital N 1,
    • The Department of Children’s Oncology of Rostov Oncology Research Institute;
    • Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital in Oryol.

In all these medical institutions we work on a regular basis.

The principal objectives of our work:

  • Providing regular professional help in hospitals and hospices to children with serious illnesses as well as to their parents,
  • Helping children in orphanages and in children’s psychiatric hospitals to socialize and enjoy harmony in relationships,
  • Helping to children recover after experiencing situations of medical emergency.

The hospitals clowns of our organization are professional actors, producers and musicians, and some of them are people from other creative professions. Nowadays our team numbers some 50 people who regularly, that is, once or twice a week, visit children in hospitals in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don and Oryol.

Also we train and teach hospital clowning initiative groups from other Russian regions and CIS countries. Konstantin Sedov, the artistic director of the organization has the most extensive experience of hospital clowning in Russia — 7 years. During the years of his work in this area Konstantin has trained students from ten different hospital clowning schools, as well as presenting his master classes for colleagues in Tomsk, Kemerovo and Kryvyi Rih (Ukraine).