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Children infused with positive energy radiate vitality and have more interest in the world around them. They are less likely to experience the pain they are actually suffering. This is so fundamentally essential during recovery for those young patients to whom we have constantly given support and thus helped increase their motivation to fight their illness and improving their health generally.

The 25 years of experience in hospital clowning worldwide has proven its effectiveness in positively influencing the psycho-emotional condition of seriously ill young people. Hospital clowns work on a regular basis in Canada, France, Israel, the US and Brazil. The graduates of clowning schools in those countries successfully work together with the medical staff in the hospitals.

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We bring joy and laughter to kids who are seriously ill.

Hospital clownery is a medicine which gives children a lift to help them overcome their illness. It reawakens their motivation and shows them reasons
for overcoming their ordeals — for the sake of a healthy childhood, fun and freedom!

Illness shouldn’t rule their childhood and hamper their right to be carefree. We can deliver the precious gift of happy childhood experiences right to them in the person of our yellow-orange Hospital Clowns.